Like so many couples considering soft swap you may have been together for a long time and although you love your Significant Other the excitement may have faded from your love life. It's not unusual and certainly nothing to feel guilty about. It's actually very common. You may have found yourself looking at a member of the opposite sex and thinking "I wonder?" I honestly believe that a good proportion of our current 50 % divorce rate is driven by these circumstances. People cheat just to get a thrill back into their love lives.

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Soft Swap is about satisfying that curiousity in a mutually agreeable manner. There are various levels of Soft Swap and it is considered a mild form of Swinging. This is frequently the level first tried prior to becoming Swingers. Many couples choose to stay at the lower level of participation in the Swinger world. Please have a look at the definitions and rules in the side navigation column

Both you and your S.O should be in agreement as to the rules and mutually agreeable activities before entering into arrangements with other members. This is not the time for surprises that can bring out feelings of jealousy and derail your efforts.

Do you remember?

Think back to your dating days. New people. Exciting times. Every time you started with a new relationship the excitement of the discovery as things progressed, the thrill of a new lover. Soft Swap allows you and your S.O. to recapture the excitement and mystery again. And depending on your level of participation; bring those feelings home to:

Put some Spice into that Marriage

Please join our forum. If you are new or contemplating the lifestyle please do not feel embarrassed to ask questions. We ask that you treat other members with respect and dignity.