Soft Swap Bad Relationship

Frequently couples will get the idea that swinging can help a foundering or bad relationship. Please, it won't work. Whatever pressures that exist within your relationship will just be magnified. Jealousy, you were enjoying yourself too much or you shouldn't have done that will be thrown back as faults at one another during arguments. Whatever problems your relationship has you need to solve prior to engaging in swinging either soft or hard.

Couples you try to connect with will sense any problems and head for the hills at the slightest sign of any problems such as anger, jealousy etc.

On the other side of the coin if any couples you are connecting exhibit relationship problems, don't get involved with them. For newbies this is a frequent problem. They really want to get their first "experience" and end up pursuing bad situations, even when their senses are saying no. Listen to that inner voice. If it's saying something's wrong WALK AWAY!

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