Soft Swap Jealousy

You've found the perfect couple, made a date and the moment has arrived. Your spouse sinks into the arms of another and all of a sudden you can't breath or see straight. Anger erupts and a feeling of cold dread that maybe they'll like the other party better than you. Maybe they're a better lover. Maybe their equipment is bigger or stronger, the list goes on and on.

These feelings are very common. For that reason you should always start out slowly rather than jumping in with both feet. Give yourself time to get used to the idea of your spouse enjoying someone else. Try to embrace their enjoyment as a natural progression in life. Try to think of the logical reasons that brought you to the lifestyle rather than the emotional ones.

If you find you are unable to handle the jealousy or the situation you need to forget it. Too many people have tried to get over feelings unsuccessfully and just make a mess. If you can't embrace your spouse's sexuality and want the best experience for them you don't belong in the lifestyle.

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