Soft Swap Singles

One of the perpetual questions is what role can singles play in swapping? Male singles are plentiful and face a real uphill battle in getting any attention in the lifestyle. Unfortunately a lot of them spend their time sending email blasts to multiple females saying how hot she is and how he'd like to F* her. Really romantic. Or they'll send a picture of their privates expecting the woman to just fall over themselves to contact. Nah ain't gonna happen. Contact has to be subtle and low key assuming the couple have an interest in threesomes or watching. Of particular importance is making sure you stay within any stated boundaries a couple has. Single males can be successful sometimes but it is a rarity rather than common.

Single women on the other hand are so rare they are called "Unicorns". Almost always welcome and highly sought out. They have the luxury of competing offers for attention. Not much else to be said.

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