Soft Swap Defined

So what is soft swap? Soft swap is the process of exchanging partners for low key, non-penetrative sexual stimulation. Because there are various definitions that don't always agree we've tried to set out a guideline as to what activities you can expect. These activities can take place with all parties together or in separate rooms, depending on the comfort level of the participants.

  • First level - is kissing and stroking outside the clothing usually limited to the upper body although the lower may be included by agreement
  • Second level - adds stroking on the upper body, inside the clothing
  • Third level - adds stroking inside the clothing upper and lower
  • Fourth Level - adds partial nudity (upper)
  • Fifth Level - adds total nudity
  • Sixth Level - adds oral sex

Should you exceed these guidelines and have penetration that is considered a hard swap or swinging. It is easy to get carried away when you are engaging in the upper levels of activities so please ensure you have discussed the issue of getting carried away with your S.O. to ensure that all parties are comfortable.

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